dude fuckin got maxed total on my skiller

dude fuckin got maxed total on my skiller

Ty for the shoutout bb


Come on really. Confront me to my face about my blurry gif. Just do it lmao. Literally all you will have to say is biased shit, and you don’t know the facts. I’m so ready to shoot down anyone who thinks just because they’re intune with tumblr, thinks they know what they’re talking about. I can tell you were following “my story” on tumblr. Lol’d. And hey guess what, I admitted what I did wrong. So what? Are you going to hate me forever now? Am I always gonna be like that? If it was one of your friends would you treat them the same way? The cliques on this tag are disgusting and this is why nobody feels welcomed on this tag anymore. People just love to get in others businesses. Honestly, the immaturity in this community is astounding. It’s none of your business in the first place, and I really don’t think you guys need to feed off the drama unless that’s what you’re living for nowadays who knows tbh. But why am I even saying all this when you’ll just laugh at me like the immature brats you are. Pathetic really. And I guess now I know who really thinks what of me lol. Whatever. I’m done being nice to people. I’ve done nothing but try to stand up for people who have been wronged, and all I do is get shit on by the elitist snobs of #runescape who think just because they’re in an elite friend circle that they can circle jerk themselves to make themselves feel better. Whatever. Honestly. I’m so done with the runescape community. Pissed off beyond belief at the people who actually lurk around looking for drama to cause. Incredible.

yw hunty

random thoughts
  • design our own armor (like default clothing)
  • why are we limited to four different variations of spells
  • [6/27/2014 1:48:48 PM] Brien: what they need
  • [6/27/2014 1:49:01 PM] Brien: is an AOE ultimate or threshhold

  • [6/27/2014 1:49:07 PM] Brien: that works like lightning
  • [6/27/2014 1:54:02 PM] Brien: it should be something unlockable

  • [6/27/2014 1:54:10 PM] Brien: like through a big boss fight
  • something like a tier 99 spell that combines all the elements.

  • tornado (air)

  • tsunami/blizzard (water)

  • sandstorm (earth)

  • wildfire (fire)