Well then, you’re just gonna make more reasons for hate towards your clan, congratulations buddy.

You’re also acting like this is the only time you’ve opened your mouth about Tindies. You’ll stomp anyone that has any sense of pride in them self or their clan. You can’t post that and expect no reactions that are negative. If you’re claiming it as a joke, you’re just shadowing how you really are.

There’s no room to breathe or help recruit people who are new to the tag into our clans, (yes other tumblr users have clans).

There is always a choice in where the person may go, and it’s always their choice. If you are looking to recruit, do it. When someone is looking for a clan, we take that chance and provide the option for our clan with resources. We were never originally the majority, not even. We paved our own way.

And, let’s look at that post. One clanmate responded “tindies” (which you then you made a post about). How is that not making room? Would you like me to put a red carpet down for you to make your response? No, because you don’t need one; you have the same option to recruit.

Innocent clanless person: Hm, I think that i might want to join a clan
Anyone from tindies: @@@@@TINDIESBUSTCLUNEVUR!!!!~~~~~~@@
love yourself

love yourself